Welcome to Crypto Workshop! Our company is made up of founding and core members of the team that produces the Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs for Java and C#. More recently it has been able to further build up its resources through becoming part of Keyfactor as a result of a merger between PrimeKey Solutions AB and Keyfactor.

Our company was set up both to help people better use and understand the Bouncy Castle APIs, and to ensure that Bouncy Castle stays Open Source and sustainable. In addition to managing the Bouncy Castle FIPS projects and doing further work on the Bouncy Castle ourselves, we also offer support contracts, consulting and other assistance for organisations developing and deploying solutions using Bouncy Castle. You could say we're a bit like Red Hat in approach and outlook - we just concentrate on Cryptography APIs. Please note we do not have anything to do with Cryptocurrencies.

General questions about Bouncy Castle support, FIPS 140, and end-of-life policies? See our Frequently Asked Questions Page

Want some idea of our clients? For the most part our clients require confidentiality, however you can find some of the ones we can talk about on our clients page.

Want some idea of what else we can do? Have a look at our latest project using threshold cryptography and cryptographic mixing the XIMIX project

Interested in how we can help support you and your organisation in the effective use of the Bouncy Castle APIs? Interested in a customised version of the APIs, or a FIPS certified version of Bouncy Castle (customised or not)? Contact us to find out more.