Welcome to the Crypto Workshop Guide for Java Cryptography and Bouncy Castle!

The Guide is currently a draft which we are making available partly as it is a lot better than nothing, but also as we are interested in feedback on it.

For the moment it is free to download, but we will be asking for subscription fees further down the track in order to fund further work on it. We expect a subscription will be on the order of 10 AUD dollars a year.

You can download the guide from here

In addition to the guide there is also example code

The guide was last updated 7th March 2013. Latest changes include a discusion of PKCS12 file creation and parsing using the new BC API.

If you would like to provide feedback on the guide please send email to java-guide-feedback@cryptoworkshop.com

If you are interested in Bouncy Castle support you can find more information at our support FAQ and by contacting us at info@cryptoworkshop.com

To subscribe to a low volume email list for update announcements and eventual subscription information please send an email to java-guide-announce-join@cryptoworkshop.com

Crypto Workshop gratefully acknowledges the support of iText Software in providing the iText license that makes this guide possible.