Acquisition FAQ

If you are looking at this page, it is almost certainly because you have heard about the acquisition of Crypto Workshop Pty Ltd by PrimeKey Solutions AB and may have some questions.

This page is an attempt to answer the more common questions. If there is a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact Malin Ridelius <> if you have a question about PrimeKey, or if there are any other questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact David Hook <>.

1. Are the Bouncy Castle development team still going to be actively involved in Crypto Workshop?

Yes. In fact our hope by joining with PrimeKey is for the Bouncy Castle development team to eventually get bigger. We're not going anywhere!

2. Does the acquisition of Crypto Workshop affect the licensing of the Bouncy Castle Libraries.

No. The Bouncy Castle Libraries will continue to be distributed under the Bouncy Castle License. PrimeKey, like Crypto Workshop, has a proven record as a supporter of Open Source, and Legion of the Bouncy Castle Inc remains the owner of codebase for the Bouncy Castle APIs.

3. Will Crypto Workshop still provide first level support to holders of support contracts?

Yes. Support clients will still be supported by the same team, and, for now, the same way, they have been to date. We say "for now" as PrimeKey also has excellent support infrastructure in place already - if we are able to integrate with it in a manner that improves things for our clients, we will do so.

4. How will invoicing for support contracts work now?

For now, you will still be invoiced from Crypto Workshop and support will still be provided directly by our team. In the future, the handling of sales, renewals, and invoicing, will be done by the team at PrimeKey. Support will still be provided directly by our team when that finally takes place. If you are also a PrimeKey customer it will be possible to have Crypto Workshop paid through PrimeKey as well.