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Ximix is a network application offering threshold key generation, signatures, decryption, and a RPC style MixNet built around Elliptic Curve cryptgraphy. The sytem makes use of threshold decryption and non-interactive zero knowledge proofs to provide an audit trail allowing easy verifiability by third parties. In order to preserve privacy MixNet nodes verify transcripts of the mixing prior to making any threshold decryptions available for recovering the original EC plaintext.

While the application is primarily tailored towards electronic voting, it can be configured to provide single services such as key generation and signature generation. People interested in writing an independent verifier are encouraged to look at the verification step discussion.

A Tour of the Source Code


Producing jar based node installers

Producing jar based console installers

Running the demo System

Current Code Coverage

Papers and other Documentation


The Verification Step

The initial work on Ximix was funded and supported by the Victorian Electoral Commission as part of the vVote project (started in 2013). The MixNet was subsequently used successfully in the Victoria State Elections in November 2014. Furhter details on this can be found on VEC's Electronic Voting Page The project was made open source under the Apache 2 License in the hope it would encourage further research and work in the area. If you are interested in contributing to Ximix or making use of Ximix please contact us at

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